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Giorgi Bagrationi
Gia Shervashidze

Ruins of a 9th century three-nave basilica survive near the settlement of the village of Seitler. Sveti Church is built of yellowish-sandy and grey stones of mostly similar sizesfixed in fairly horizontal courses. Structural elements are built of neatly hewn stone. The lateral naves are divided from the principal nave by means of an arcade supported by two pairs of columns. The side naves are very narrow and terminate in pastophoria. The central nave has a sanctuary. The lower section of the apse is trapezoidalgradually turning into a semi circle in the upper sections.

The church arches, vaults and most of the walls are destroyed. The south extention preserves on the plan.

The pastophorium on the east façade has a head ornament carved in water tufa. The south part of the apse window head ornament also survives.