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Parekhta, also referred to as Bertisa Parekhni and Parekhi is mentioned in TheLife of Grigol Khandzteli and TheLife of Serapion Zarzmeli. It is proposed that the monastery was present here before the arrival of Grigol Khandzteli.

Being one of the twelve monasteries located in Klarjeti, it lies on a cliff site of Karchkhala Gorge remarkable for waterfalls. The monastery takes up a plateau before two cliffs.

A three-nave basilica, a hall-type church and other monastic structures survive of the monastery. The large hall built of cyclopean stone is assumed to have functioned as a refectory. The three-nave basilica is erected on a specially built substructure and is divided into two parts by means of two pairs of columns. It has an apse on the east and pastophoria. The south door of the church opens onto the cliff. According to V. Jobadze there was a balcony here from which wonderful views could be enjoyed.

Another church is a rectangular hall with an apse. It has a long compartment attached to the north where Jobadze found wine pots, presumably used for storing Eucharistic wine.

To the east of these churches, a narrow path leads to the third hall-type church the sanctuary of which projects into a cliff.  The south and west walls are completely ruined and the one in the south is partly destroyed. An inscription in nuskhuri (clerical) script made with black paint was discovered on the west part of the south wall in the interior.