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Giorgi Bagrationi
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Berta Monastery was founded by Grigol Khandzteli (Gregory of Khandzta), prominent Georgian ecclesiastical figure. At present, it serves as a mosque. A basilica converted into a mosque and ruins of a large refectory survive. The basilica has an annexe on the west.

The church is built of small water tufa blocks arranged in horizontal courses. The south façade retains a trace of an arcade. Small fragments of plastering and mural paintings are visible at several locations. A water tufa stone above the window on the east façade of the church is carved with a four-line inscription in nuskhuri(secular) script. The stone being weathered, it is difficult to decipher the  inscription. The use of vermilion is noteworthy.

According to the historian Giorgi Otkhmezuri, the inscription mentions Davit Mampal, son of Sumbat of Artanuji and hence should be dated to the period between 909 and 943.