Lekarti St. Nino


Nino Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Gia Shervashidze

An old Georgian village of Lekarti is located 12km north-west of Kakhi. Kart, the stem from which the word derives,is a name of the Georgian tribes.

Daghastani Lezgians call this village Gurjebi (Gurji meaning Georgian) despite the fact that at present the village is inhabited only by Lezgians resettled here.

Lekarti Monastery of St Nino is located 2 km north-east of the village of Lekarti, at the foot of the Caucasian mountain, between inclined slopes on the east, on a relatively flatparcel of land. The muslim community of the village (the Lezgians) call this place Kilisalar, meaning ‘churches’ in their language.

Monastic buildings include twelve churches, two of which are large buildings. The one located on the west includes ruins of a domed church with a projecting apse.

Lekarti monastic ensemble used to be surrounded by a wall the fragments and traces of which are visible to the present day. Built in the 7th-9th century, the monastery was an episcopal centre of Hereti province.