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Giorgi Bagrationi
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In the middle of the village of Jevizli, in an open field, are to be found ruins of the once magnificent Tbeti Church.

The cruciform church had well preserved until 1961 when it was badly affected by a blast which left the building in ruins.

Several construction layers are discernible, including those dating from: i) the early 10th century; ii) the second half of the 11th century when an octagonal church with a projecting apse was built (the fragments of this church became visible in the north arm after the blast); iii) the late 10th century when the building was converted into a cruciform church; iv) the first half of the 11th century when the east, south  and north façades were partly restored; v) the second half of the 13th century when the south arm was restored; vi) the 14th century  when the dome was restored.

Decoration of outer masses reflects features typical of different stages of construction.

The cruciform masses sharply discernible in the exterior of the church were surmounted by a dome. Tbeti church is built of neatly carved basalt blocks arranged in horizontal courses. The pedimental façades of the east, south and north arms used to be adorned with three arches each. Highly notable are pilaster bases embellished with shafts. Window frames, ornaments atop windows, lunettes, twisted crosses and cornices are also noteworthy.

The sanctuary of the church is flanked by two-storeyed pastophoria. The conch preserves fragments of 12th century mural paintings.