Oshki Small


Nino Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi

A small hall-type church is erected in the village settlement to the south-west of Oshki Cathedral.

Built of large locally quarried smoothly cut stone, the north facade is fully buried in earth. Half of the east facade is also hidden. The west facade is inaccesible since it abuts a house. Best preserved is the south facade the south-west section and the lower portion of the east side of which are annexed with a compartment which fully covers the lower part of the church.

Blocked by surrounding buildings the church is difficult to access. The south facade entrance is topped by a large ornament. The same ornament can be discerned on the top of the window piercing the east part of the south facade.

The opening for the window on the west facade is damaged. The centre of the east facade preserves a window half buried in earth. The window is decorated with a carved frame. The church terminates in a bulky curved two-stepped cornice which has circles on its front. The building has a double-pitched roof with steep slopes.

The facades of this small hall-type church are characterised by large architectural details typical of Oshki Cathedral, which lends a specific artistic value to this small chapel.