Nukas Sakdari


Nino Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Gia Shervashidze

Commonly called Nuka’s Sakdari, this double-nave basilica of the 9th century stands on the right bank of Karchkala gorge, on the substructure built on the top of a steep incline.

The church adjoins a cliff slope to the north and slightly projects into it. There is a crypt under the west part of the church. The principal nave of the building terminates in an apse. A narrow trapezoidal nave to its south is marked off by means of an arcade carried by a round column. The south nave is trapezoidal (narrow on the west and slightly expanded towards the east) and terminates in a pastophorium. There is another pastophorium embedded in a cliff to the north of the chancel. It has two entrances –from the hall and from the sanctuary respectively.

The church has three windows in the eastern part, one on the south and one vertically paired window on the top of the west door. There is a deep arched niche under the window of the sanctuary.

The principal nave has a gable roof, while the south nave and the north pastophorium have low, single-pitched roof. Therefore, Nukas Sakdari appears as a three-nave basilica when viewed from the east.

The church is built of locally quarried rougly broken stonemerging harmoniously with the landscape.