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Giorgi Bagrationi
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The church is located in the gorge of the Gishi Tskali river, at 4 km from the historically town of Shaki.

Designed as kuppelhalle, the church lies on the most elevated point to the east of the village of Gishi. It was surrounded by a large wall. Traces of structures of various functions can be seen in the vicinity of the church and the wall. The 18th century Georgian historian and geographerPrince Vakhushti Bagrationiprovides interesting notes about the village of Gishi and the church located therein: ‘Gishi lies at the foothills, it was a princedom of Tskuketi and had a large domed church, which was a sear of a bishop of Eliseni, Tsuketi and Shakikhi”. Gishi Church of the Virgin is referred to as a large domed church by Prince Vakhushti Bagrationi.

The entire structure and a tent-like octagonal pyramid-shaped dome of Gishi Church preserves in a good physical state. It has been established that the dome and other parts of the church were restored and rebuilt in the first half of the 19th century.

G. Chubinashvili noted that it was possible to identify the traces of the severly destroyed church that was built here in the 11th century. He also mentioned that the church, judging by its architectural features, cannot be identified with the cathedra, namely the cathedra of the Gishelis, which existed here as early as the 6th century; he also asserted that the porch leading into the church was altered in the middle of the 19th century.