Chala (Jala)

Nino Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Giorgi Bagrationi
Gia Shervashidze

Desgined as a hall church, Chala is distinguished by its construction quality as well as the state of preservation.

This single-nave church has a semi-circular apse to the east and pastophoria. The arch before the apse, as well as the conch, is slightly pointed. Before the apse are to be found niches with triangular head ornaments on the top designed for icons. The niche on the right bears an inscription in asomtavruli(majuscule) script according to which the church was dedicated to the Virgin. Above lateral chambers are located secret rooms. Massive pilasters and arches divide the central nave into three parts.

The façades are adorned with arcades. Each of the side elevations hasfive arches. The south elevations preserving capitals with floral ornaments appear to have been most richly decorated. The east façade has three arches and triangular niches provided with conches.

The elevations and interior walls are built of neatly-hewn stone. Judging by the construction techniques and stylistic characteristics of the building, the church was erected in the 10th century.