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Giorgi Bagrationi
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The construction of Bana Cathedral was begun in the 7th century and continued in the 10th century. It is a circular tetraconch with an ambulatory. The dome rests on three-tieredbays at the intersection of crossarms.Chambers at each level have arched openings exposed towards the crossarms. Apses rest on arcades supported byround piers opening to the side of the ambulatory. The arcade of the chancelrests on six round columns provided with original Ionic capitals typical of Bana. Other apses had only four columns each.

During the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878) Bana was converted into a fortress (the windows in the ambulatory were filled in and provided with square turret-like piers). The alterations badly damaged the cathedral.

At present, the dome, all apses except the altar as well as the greater part of the ambulatory are ruined.

A floral ornament preserves on the top of the west portal. Remains also include a column with a Corinthian capital in the ambulatory and an inscription in asomtavruli(majuscule) script to the west. Only one of the chancelcolumnssurvive in its original place.