Lashkendara church in Tkvarcheli town


Location: Georgia, the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia,  town of  Tkvarcheli.

Construction  inside the complex:  the church.

Date of built: Early  Middle Ages.

Architectural  description: The church complex of Lashkendara  was built on the same name mountain, 5-6 kilometers away from the town Tkvarcheli. It consists of the two churches: The main one is the Domed Cathedral, on which a small church with the semi-circle apse closely borders from the North. This church is connected with the Main one with the passage. This entire ensemble is circled by the 100 meter defensive wall, which has the Central vaulted entrance with the relief Cross on its southern part. Besides, the Central Entrance the complex has the three more entrances: one from the West decorated with the heraldic images of the lions and two entrances from the North.

Current condition: At present, the Dome of the Main Cathedral is caved in, but as for its gates, which are constructed later, they are fully preserved. The Cathedral is adjoined by the artificial Platform Cemetery, which was excavated earlier and from the graves were unearthed lion figurines, chandeliers, different ritual objects – the standard samples of the Georgian Christian art. The whole architectural space, in spite of the dereliction it is in, is rather impressive and is recognized, as one of the most distinguished and typical monuments of the Georgian church architecture. The territory is currently occupied by Russia, because of which it is impossible to study the current condition and to conduct the suitable works.