St. John Chrysostom church in Kamani village


Location:  Georgia, the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Sokhumi municipality, near of the village Shroma.

Construction   inside  the complex:  the church.

Historical-architectural description: Kamani church  initial construction seems likely to be ascribable to the 11th c. History of Kamani is linked with the name of St. John Chrysostom, who, exiled from the Constantinople to the Black Seacoast, according to one of the versions, was buried on this spot. The church represents a hall type stone building, which has a few traces of restorations.

In the 19th c. the church was restored and it functioned as a monastery. During the Soviet rule, Kamani church was, naturally, non-functional, but in the 1990s the church was restored and the nunnery was established by the Abkhazian patriot Iuri Anua, who, together with Father Andrew Kurashvili, the senior priest of the church, was executed by shooting in 1993 by the separatists.

Current condition: The territory is currently occupied by Russia, because of which it is impossible to study and to conduct the suitable works. The physical condition of the monument is poor. The church has cracks.

Kamani church has been given the status of culture heritage monument.