Bagrati Fortress near Sokhumi town


Location: Georgia, the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, near Sokhumi town, on the left bank of the river Besleti.

Construction  inside the complex: the fortress.

Historical-architectural description:

Bagrati Fortress was renovated on the turn of the 10th -11th centuries by Bagrat the 3rd, king of Georgia (978-1014). In 10th-14th cc.  It was a residence of Tskhumi noblemen. From the 16th c. on wards, when the city moved to the west, to the right bank of the river Besleti, it lost its significance and was desolated.

The fortress is oval-shaped in plan. Its walls are well preserved. The porch was defended by a rectangular tower. It used to be a citadel of the medieval city Tskhumi (Sokhumi).

Current condition: The territory is currently occupied by Russia, because of which it is impossible to study the current condition and to conduct the suitable works.  Fortress walls are in heavy physical condition and need urgent conservation.

        Bagrati fortress has been given the status of culture heritage monument.